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About Creators Gifts Native Fabric

Sandra D. Moore
Sandra D. Moore
Owner, Creators Gifts Native Fabric

Creators Gifts Native Fabric was born on June 1, 2021, but there's a history ...

Pogadakamagizowin ("what you do in the time you are not working"), the original Native Fabric Store, got its name when Perry and Annette Poeta started their clothing and fabric business under the guidance of Elder Hannah Johnson in Curve Lake, Ontario.

For the past 28 years, they have been a respected supplier of Native Fabric across Turtle Island and beyond.

In June 2021, Annette and Perry made the decision that it was time for new roads and they sold their business to Sandra D. Moore of Hiawatha First Nation.

Sandra is a well-known designer and creator of outstanding Powwow regalia and a teacher of birch bark and porcupine quill art, caribou hair tufting, fish scale art, and pine needle baskets.

Taking over the Native Fabric business was an easy decision for Sandra and, under the banner of her own business Creators Gifts Cultural Art, Creators Gifts Native Fabric was born.

Works by Sandra D. Moore

It's a perfect fit for Sandra who has her hands on fabric most days of the year. As well as regalia and amazing cultural art, Sandra is known for teaching and making Ribbon Skirts, Ribbon Shirts, most styles of regalia, drum bags, Ceremonial Altar Blankets, and much more.

Sandra has gained a reputation for adapting her teaching during the pandemic to preparing kits and teaching her skills via Zoom classes.

Sandra looks forward to continuing the tradition of supplying affordable, quality Native Fabrics to First Nations across Turtle Island, making them accessible via the internet.

Works by Sandra D. Moore

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